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Barista Training- How to be a Barista

If you’ve chosen to start your career as a barista, you’ll be pleased to know the world consumes over 2 billion cups of coffee per day! Therefore experienced baristas are typically in high demand and have great potential to find a job. This means training can be very useful in increasing your chances of getting or staying hired! If you’re looking to make the first step to become a barista, looking for further training to advance your skills, or just want to learn how to get the most value out of your at home coffee machine, please select your state below to view a list of dedicated barista training providers in your area:

We are constantly updating our Barista Training directory. If you know of a barista training institution that we don’t have listed, please contact us!


What is a Barista?

A barista is described as someone that gets paid to operate a commercial espresso machine in order to prepare and serve enjoyable coffee beverages. Interaction with customers, scheduling orders and pulling a great shot of coffee are an essential part of the role. A barista can lift the reputation of any coffee business through the level of energy and professionalism they project to customers.

If you are seeking work in a cafe or restaurant where coffee beverages are served, not only learning the basics of the barista craft is essential, but also how to apply it in a high pressure environment without sacrificing on quality delivered to the customer. Also one of the great parts about learning how to be a barista, is that in almost any part of the world you may be, there’s usually demand for someone that knows a thing or two about how to make a great cup of coffee. Although it is worth noting, coffee culture can be different from country to country

Here is a list of common barista attributes:

  • Great customer service and communication skills

  • Enjoy working as part of a team

  • Ability to use a cash register

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and multi-task

  • Maintains neat appearance

  • Impeccable cleaning skills

  • Passion for coffee

Guide to Barista Training

Barista Training

Barista Training

Barista training courses can offer a wide array of choices and training modules, for that reason it is important to understand what the essential skills are to acquire in order to get a job before paying for more than what you need. However, specific training may be required by the business that hires you so it might be worthwhile having a discussion with your manager or potential manager for guidance if this is possible.

Basic training may include:

  • Learn about the origins and varieties of coffee beans

  • How to prepare the work area

  • How to grind the coffee beans

  • How to configure, operate and clean a commercial espresso machine

  • Customer service and communication skills

  • Learn the correct technique for tamping

  • How to execute the pour properly and quickly after extracting the coffee

  • Learn how to steam the milk

  • Learn how to make the most popular coffee beverages

  • Learn the correct drinking vessel to pour into

Advanced training may include:

  • Milk texturing and coffee art, also known as latte art

  • Etching and free pouring techniques

  • Advanced presentation techniques

  • Utilizing a real life café setting

  • Learn how to appraise and critique coffee flavors and blends

Just remember that learning the art of coffee making is a very hands on exercise, so its essential that your training provider teaches you in a very practical learning environment. If your only option is online training, it might be worthwhile to buy your own coffee machine to practice with at home.

Barista Job Description

A Barista job description may vary depending on the size and location of the operation as well as the demographic of people they serve, for example Spanish communication ability is sometimes preferred. In addition, some employers may require candidates to have a food handling certificate. Special requirements aside, a typical Barista job description will look something like this:

  • Prepare and create consistent coffee beverages

  • Maintain a safe, organized and clean work area in accordance with appropriate standards

  • Deliver exceptional customer service to all customers

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule

  • Ability to work alonelatte art

  • Maintain stock levels

  • Open and close the operation

Please click here for more detail on Barista Job Description

Tips on How to Act Like a Professional Barista

If you are considering becoming a successful barista, then you need to know how to act like a professional barista. Knowing this is crucial to your success because you need to establish a good relationship with your customers, your managers and your co-workers. Outstanding technical skills are simply not enough to lead to a successful career as a barista.

Instead, having outstanding interpersonal skills is more important because they are what will influence how you act as a barista.

1. Speak In The Right Manner

When you open your mouth to verbally communicate with anyone, be very considerate as to how you express yourself. Things such as slang and any accents should ideally take a backseat in your speech. If you overemphasize them you will definitely be making a certain impression on people and in some cases it is neither a positive one nor a professional one. Remember that there will always be people including your co-workers and your customers who will take slight offense when you speak to them in your slang or your accent. Work on your accent if it is too heavy because eventually it will go away if you are determined. Focus on speaking naturally and in correct American English. Maintain a generic quality in all your mannerisms and speech so that people can associate positive characteristics with you.

2. Look And Act Clean

Keeping clean will make a positive statement to your customers on how you value cleanliness personally and in your work. As you prepare drinks for your customers, let them see how 100% sanitary the whole process of preparing their drinks is. Put out a beautiful latte and avoid any instance in your drink preparation where you practice unsanitary things because as soon as the customer suspects that, they will not take the drink nor are they likely to return. Let it be obvious that you take your personal hygiene very seriously because they will trust that the drink you hand them is 100% clean.

3. Be Fast and Efficient

The way you stand and how you move will make you stand out as a professional barista. The fast and efficient way you handle peak customer traffic will determine how professional you are. There will indeed be peak customer traffic and you will be required to sustain it till the end. In order to successfully carry this out, be fast and efficient in your movement. You customers will no doubt appreciate this and that will make you successful.

4.Think Before You Move

Thinking before you move will enable you to avoid any unnecessary turns and steps. Never take any more steps than you should, this way you will save a lot of time and energy. It will also enable you to be in perfect control throughout rush hour. Efficiency is key.

5. Never Slouch, Stand Upright

Slouching definitely looks sloppy and unprofessional. When you are not busy, avoid leaning over the counters or on any equipment because that creates an impression of laziness on your part. It is best to always stand upright with your head high and your back straight when not busy.

6. Keep Busy

It is very professional to always keep busy, or at least appear to be! It’s also less boring throughout quiet periods to organize your work area as neatly as possible. Staying busy will make the day go faster. Remember that a coffee shop needs constant cleaning in order to maintain high hygiene standards. Look around the room, wipe down the tables, pick up any litter, clean the back of the coffee or espresso machine and do just about anything positive to keep busy.

7. Be Friendly

To state the obvious, a barista has to be friendly because positive interaction with customers is a must. Sometimes you’re not just selling coffee; you’re selling positive energy and emotion. Customers will always ask for your advice and recommendations about some drinks or what to try. Since you are knowledgeable already, you will have to give as much information as possible and make the customers understand. You will have to be friendly for them to ask you questions in the first place. A friendly barista will draw customers and will therefore be successful.

There are more tips on how to act like a barista but the above ones are the major ones

Barista Jobs

There are no formal qualifications to become a barista, although completing basic to advanced training will certainly offer you a greater chance of getting hired.

As soon as you feel you’re ready, please visit our Barista Jobs board. To help you prepare for your future interviews, on the right hand sidebar you’ll find our free Barista Interview Tips guide, be sure to check it out. Best of luck!

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