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5 Tips for Becoming a Great Barista

Become an Expert

Know everything there is to know about coffee and coffee making. Yes, it’s easy to become a Barista if you simply learn the basics of dosing, tamping, pull and steaming but there aren’t too many people out there dedicated to becoming the local ‘Barista’ authority. If you’re an expert, you can stand out easily from the pack and build trust with your customer; a bad coffee can set someone’s day off on the wrong foot, and if they know you’ll understand their needs and deliver a great quality coffee day-in day-out they will definitely keep coming back. If you’re serious about becoming an expert, find a business where you can work with a master of the art rather than try and learning all the skills from scratch. Also try and experiment with new techniques. It helps if you’re the only one in your area that can serve up a specialized style or blend of coffee.

Connect with your Customers

Firstly, always acknowledge your customers even if you may be juggling multiple orders at once. Immediately try and build rapport with them, get to know who they are but be cognizant not to talk to someone at length while other customers are left waiting. Your customers are not faceless robots without an identity, remember their name, ask questions and listen with sincerity. Make sure your body language is positive, this will create harmony and an overall positive experience with your customer. It is as much about the experience as the product itself.

Remember your Customers Orderscoffee training

As a customer, there’s no cooler feeling than when picking up your daily coffee the barista greets you with “Hey John, How are you today? the usual?”, it makes them feel special and important as it shows you’ve taken the time to get to know them. This again ties in to the overall experience you’re trying to create for your customer, make sure it personal, customized, polite and enjoyable.

Cleanliness and Appearance

This is where common sense kicks in. Keep your service area tidy, and make sure all of your mugs and cutlery are thoroughly washed. There’s no greater turn off than realizing you’re drinking from a dirty mug. Maintaining a clean personal appearance is also very important, as your appearance can shape peoples opinions of the quality of product or service you offer. If you have a sloppy appearance, customers may subconsciously translate your operation as being an unhygienic environment. Also be mindful of touching / scratching your head and face or other body parts during the preparation and service of your coffee.

Speed and Memory

If you work in a busy, high volume café, restaurant or coffee cart, speed and efficiency is a skill that must be developed quickly. Customers left waiting to be served are unlikely to return in a hurry, therefore speed of service is vital. To hone this skill may take a lot of practice and experience. Being able to commit a large order to memory is also a terrific knack to have in order to make service levels much more efficient.

Buy Barista Accessories and Education Books

Amazon has some great resources to help you on your journey to becoming a succesful barista. The key to mastery of any discipline is constant learning and education

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