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Barista Job Description

Barista is a coffee-house employee who prepares and serves coffee drinks in an espresso bar or coffee shop. Barista is an Italian name for a “bartender”. Baristas are professionally trained, with their job extending beyond pouring foaming milk and espressos. Baristas work at coffee shops, comprising local, single location cafes and large chain shops. They also work at coffee bars in clubs, bookstores and restaurants. As a barista, you take and prepare orders meaning that you will usually be preparing several drinks at the same time. You should also be able to listen to customer orders carefully and prepare their drinks perfectly.

Training And Education

Currently, large companies expect baristas to have skills ranging from management skills, team work, and customer service skills to brand standard protection skills. These skills enable you to work under intense pressure and maintain customers, product and work mates attention. Considering most people take coffee early in the morning or late at night, you should have completed your high school education to fit perfectly in this tough schedule. You will need to take a Barista Training Course if you intend to work as a barista. You might also be lucky to receive on-the-job training in the specific process and menus. College degree is not mandatory in this career though you can take college courses in hospitality management or business. However, some employer policies prefer hiring individuals who are holders of high school diploma or GED, in accordance with U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Barista training program consists of activities like steaming milk, coffee grinding, and making hot and cold coffee drinks. You will also be trained in how to use milk foam colors to design coffee cups. You will learn about different coffee growing regions, roast profiles and barista job procedures. The whole program basically involves:

  • Coffee Beans Grinding

  • Decaff Processing

  • Espresso Brewing

  • Milk Steaming

  • Coffee Flavor Profiles

Experienced baristas may also be engaged in training of new baristas. New baristas are trained in how to make various drinks that are available in the coffee house. Up-and-coming baristas may be sent to barista training programs.

Which Duties are Performed by Baristas?

You should be able to operate the automatic coffee maker machine and automatic espresso machines perfectly. In addition to this, you must understand employers specialty coffee drinks recipe. Sometimes you might be required to educate customers on coffee products and to choose and grind coffee beans. If you choose to work in shops, you will be serving bakery items and prepare food e.g. salads or sandwiches. As a barista, you will also be expected to clean the shop. You will clean tables and floors, clean and organize preparation areas, maintain restrooms and empty garbage. Since baristas are often trained in food storage principles, safety and proper food handling, then you bear the responsibility of stocking supplies in front of and behind the counter, and monitoring food safety within the shop.

How Much Money do Baristas Earn?

Baristas’ average hourly salary is approximately $8.50 including tips. The salary earned depends on barista’s experience and location. Experienced baristas working in high volume coffee shops earn up to $12 per hour, including tips.

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