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Barista Training Guide

Barista training courses can offer a wide array of choices, and for that reason, it is important to understand what the essential skills are to acquire in order to get a job before paying for more than what you need. However, certain training may be required by the business that hires you so it might be worthwhile having a discussion with your manager or potential manager for guidance if this is possible.

Basic Training may include:

  • Great customer service and communication skills

  • Learn about the origins and varieties of coffee beans

  • How to prepare the work area

  • How to configure, operate and clean a commercial espresso machine

  • How to grind the coffee beans

  • Learn the correct technique for tamping

  • How to execute the pour properly and quickly after extracting the coffee

  • Learn how to steam the milk

  • Learn how to make the most popular coffee beverages

  • Learn the correct drinking vessel to pour into

Advanced Training may include:

  • Milk texturing and coffee art, also known as latte art

  • Etching & free pouring techniques

  • Advanced presentation techniques

  • Utilizing a real life café setting

  • Learn how to appraise and critique coffee flavors and blends

Just remember that learning the art of coffee making is a very hands on exercise, so its essential that your training provider teaches you in a very practical learning environment. If your only option is online training, it might be worthwhile to buy your own coffee machine to practice with at home.

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Amazon has some great resources to help you on your journey to becoming a succesful barista. The key to mastery of any discipline is constant learning and education

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