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Barista Training NYC

Below you may find a list of places that provide barista training in NYC

The American Barista & Coffee School

Brooklyn, New York

A 3-day workshop is available which is focused on espresso beverages menu building and brewed coffee preparation. Ideal for owners, managers and key employees.

Phone: 800-655-3955

The American Barista & Coffee School

Kitten Coffee

187 Skillman Street, ( DeKalb and Willoughby) Brooklyn, NY. 11205

Kitten Coffee barista school offers two courses, Espresso 100 and Advanced Espresso. In Espresso 100, students receive theory and hands on experience in espresso based beverage making, coffee handling, milk texturing and machine maintenance tips as well as occupational health and safety training. In the advanced course, students will obtain skills such as tamping, expanded menu preparation, grinder calibration, and machine pressure adjustment/management.

Phone: 718.360.8543

Kitten Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee

594 Broadway, Suite 909A, New York, New York 10012

Offers barista training, public events and weekly coffee cuppings by appointment only. Conveniently located in Manhattan.

Phone: 212.203.4268

Intelligentsia Coffee

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