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How to be a Good Barista

If you are the type person who loves the smell of fresh coffee and enjoys meeting new people then you should consider looking into the career of being a barista. You may find that you excel at it, however don’t expect perfection to happen in day or two.

The best baristas have refined their skills over a number of years. It takes time to learn how to be a professional barista and how to make exotic flavored espressos that customers want, to work the machines and be able to deliver consistently flavored coffees.

There is no direct road or career path that will take you to being a barista, but the training you need in order to do your job is going to be extensive. You won’t be able to learn it from a book, though those will help you remember recipes and other details.

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You will need to acquire the majority of skills on the job, and if you are committed to being a Barista, it is sometimes a good idea to show up before your shift begins in order to watch, learn and ask questions. You will be required to handle multiple orders simultaneously without getting confused or mixing ingredients incorrectly. You’ll have to know the precise measurements of flavours and ingredients to mix together to create a variety of beverages and be able to do it with consistency, since many of your customers will return seeking the same beverage the next day, therefore it needs to be consistent with what they enjoyed before.

As you learn how to be a Barista, you will have to be a people person and connect with your customers. Even if you are swamped with customers and orders are stacked up, you need to be able to give each person who walks in the door a moment of your time. The customers deserve eye contact and a greeting when they walk in. If they have a question, it’s your job to answer it politely and with a friendly attitude.

It is the primary job of the Barista to ensure that the customers that walk through the door want to return at a later time. This is achieved by being friendly and judging what the customer wants from their visit. Some customers will want idle conversation while waiting on their coffee or espresso and others will want to stand silently and hurry off to work. You, the people person, need to be able to determine what each customer wants.

The road to becoming a great Barista is not an easily travelled road, not everyone is cut out for it, but if you love people then you are half way there, and can be a very rewarding career.

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