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Coffee and Alzheimer’s Disease

There is some interesting research concerning coffee and Alzheimer’s disease. This research shows that there is an unidentified compound in coffee that may protect against Alzheimer’s disease. As most individuals are aware Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. According to the research, individuals who had higher levels of caffeine in their blood developed Alzehimers two to four years later than those who did not. Some individuals who had mild cognitive impairment did not go on to develop full blown Alzheimer’s at all.

Research has shown that there is some as yet unidentified element in coffee that protects against Alzheimer’s. Whatever the compound is, seems to protect against the effects of the disease. Research done with mice at the University of South Florida shows that the compound seems to protect research mice against the disease. This research is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of the Alzheimer’s Reseach Journal. Previous research has indicated that the consumption of coffee in mid life and also old age protects against the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The new research seems to indicate that a compound by the name of GNCSF tends to increase the level in the blood that can decrease the levels of cognitive impairment. This compound in conjunction with caffeine can work to prevent full blown and chronic aspects of the disease. In the clinical studies with the mice neither caffeine taken alone, or simply decaffeinated coffee caused the beneficial effects.

This is not the only study that showed the link between the consumption of coffee and Alzheimer’s prevention. Another study studied the results of 124 senior adults ages 65 to 88 with mild cognitive impairment. They consumed coffee daily and researchers discovered that the level of cognitive impairment did not increase, and individuals did not develop full blown Alzheimer’s. The magic number seems to be 3. 3 cups of coffee seemed to mitigate the effects of the cognitive impairment. Individuals with Alzheimer’s have a 50 percent lower level of caffeine.

The results of the clinical research with humans has not been publicized widely, but the results of the studies are encouraging and more research on the link should certainly be forthcoming. It should be noted that drip coffee was used in these studies, the results are not known if individuals who consume instant coffee will benefit.

Individuals who do not currently drink coffee may want to start. The research seems to indicate the effects of coffee is beneficial for preventing cognitive impairment. Individuals beginning in their 30’s should start drinking coffee especially if they have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease.

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