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Top 12 Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee Health Benefits – The United States of Coffee

Dearest Coffee,

You just made my day, but what else is new. It makes my day, every single day and twice on Sundays. If there is anyone out there who thinks they can start their day otherwise, they haven’t yet been introduced to the coffee bean. I do believe that the world revolves around coffee, people are a bunch of coffee-holics and the Ethiopian goatherder – Kaldi – who discovered the coffee plant, deserves a statue outside every coffee house.

Kaldi - First to Discover Coffee

Kaldi – First to Discover Coffee

That is because most of us know the real value of coffee. For those who think coffee is no good because it invites anxiety and nervousness to come over, I beg to differ – coffee has never harmed anyone, nor will it ever. The stimulating effect of caffeine, which is responsible for getting you down to business, is not all there is to it. Coffee displays a plethora of health benefits attributed not only to the caffeic acid content, but to other compounds as well, such as chlorogenic acid, polyphenols, tannins and quinic acid, to mention just a few. The list of coffee health benefits is longer than a freight train carrying ten million tons of coffee (not yet proven…but it must be close). Ethiopians sure knew their business.

So here they are, the Top 12 Health Benefits of Coffee….

1. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant which prevents the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. So unless you’re planning to forget what you ate for breakfast, or to lose your mind, you better catch up on your daily cup pronto! Warning! You are still at the risk of losing your mind, but that just goes with the 21st century.

2. Coffee protects your liver and gallbladder. Its antifibrotic compounds prevent the occurrence of liver cancer, fatty liver, hepatocellular shunts, fibrosis of the liver, cirrhosis, gallbladder diseases and gallstones. Hey, even if you’re not crazy about coffee, it’s still worth it just to ward off this franchise of hepatic diseases.

3. Coffee reduces the risk of almost every type of cancer. Ovarian, breast and uterine cancer, testicular and prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, oral cancer, you name it, they can be prevented if you allow your picky self to overindulge in good old coffee.

4. Coffee protects your heart. Simply trade a cup of coffee for cardiovascular disease. Unless you are keen on acquiring a heart attack or heart failure, soak your body and mind into more than two cups of coffee a day.

5. Coffee is an excellent laxative and diuretic – your colon will thank you for providing 2-3 cups of coffee, so all you have to do is to help your colon help you.

6. Coffee prevents the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. The compound chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose into your bloodstream after meals. If you are predisposed to diabetes, sugar-coating your coffee is not a smart idea!

7. Coffee regulates blood pressure. Individuals with high blood pressure can benefit from drinking 4 cups of coffee daily, because the chlorogenic acid is able to reduce a high blood pressure to normal.

8. Coffee, especially pure shots of espresso, can prevent free radical damage to cells. This benefit is largely attributed to the compound trigonelline, formed during the roasting process. Other antioxidant compounds found in coffee include polyphenols, flavonols and lipophilic anthocyanins. They counteract stress which takes its toll on our physical appearance and health.

9. Coffee prevents gout, especially in middle-aged men and it reduces all-cause risk of mortality especially among women. These specific coffee health benefits are enhanced a great deal by the consumption of a few cups of coffee a day.

10. Coffee improves the cognitive function. You’d be a lunatic to think I was not going to mention any benefits to your mental health? Coffee makes you smart, there I’ve said it, it improves memory, focus, verbal flow, the ability to multi-task and to innovate, it enhances creativity, it makes you feel the world is not enough and it feeds your drive to exceed expectations. Got it?

11. Coffee increases the effect of painkillers in particular for people suffering from headaches. When you feel your world is tumbling down, add some coffee to go.

12. Coffee reduces the risk of cavities and plaque, thanks to the tannin content. One cup of coffee a day keeps the dentist away.

This is not an exhaustive list of coffee health benefits. This is just the beginning of a beautiful coffee-wise friendship.

In the end, it is your choice if you want to welcome and embrace coffee into your life. The United States of coffee health benefits are waiting just around the corner.

I have had my fair share of coffee – what about you?


Casanova of Coffee.

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