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Coffee Library

Welcome to the coffee Library!

This page has been setup to provide an array of useful information on everything related to coffee. Please see below for a list of topics covered within the library:

Certified Coffee

Our certified coffee section details the various types of special labels and certifications you can expect to find on coffee products. Coffee certifications are important statements of quality and assurance that the coffee product has been produced while adhering to certain guidelines, usually pertaining to labor practices and conservation of the environment …..

Coffee Machines

Here we provide our personal recommendation on the best coffee machines to buy for at-home use. Coffee machines can be a large financial outlay, so it is important you do as much homework as you can before making your purchase…..

Barista Books

espresso coffee

espresso coffee

In this section we compile a reading list of the most practical barista guides available in print form. When a barista training facility is out of reach, or if you wish to hone your barista skills without the outlay of a professional course, then this list will be useful for you…..

Coffee Production

In order for coffee to make it to your cup, it has to go through an extremely complex process which involves many layers. This section briefly describes the various stages to coffee production as well as the main coffee producing hubs of the world…..

Coffee Beverages

This section contains a list and description of the typical traditional coffee beverages…..

Coffee Flavors

Coffee flavor characteristics are as complex as the process to deliver coffee from the plantations to your coffee cup. It has been said that coffee has around 800 various flavor characteristics, almost double the amount of wine. This section highlights the four main flavor attributes and provides a list of different types of these attributes so you can start talking like an expert…..

Coffee Roasting

Coffee roasting is the process which changes the physical and chemical elements of the coffee bean into commercial coffee produce. This section takes you behind the scenes as to what is involved…..

Buy Barista Accessories and Education Books

Amazon has some great resources to help you on your journey to becoming a succesful barista. The key to mastery of any discipline is constant learning and education

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