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Certified Coffee

Coffee certifications are used to state how well the coffee one is consuming has been grown and handled. The certifications that are used for products to be sold in the United States are made to display that the coffee that was grown in an area has been set up in a safe and ethical manner.

fair trade coffee

fair trade coffee

The Fair Trade Organic certification is one of the most popular coffee certifications to learn about. It is used to state that the coffee a person orders has been prepared with coffee beans that were grown and harvested in an ethical manner. This includes coffee that has been harvested in fair labor conditions and has been traded directly without any middlemen involved in the process. Fair Trade Organic coffee also involves items being traded at fair values.

The 4CS Common Code for Coffee Community is a certification standard that supports the practice of sustainable coffee production. This includes standards set up in the 4CS Code of Conduct, a standard that states that a coffee grower must allow for bargaining among coffee growers and workers. All workers must be subjected to ethical work conditions and standards relating to hours, wages and other features. The standard also says that a grower should not be using pesticides and that all water and soil is conserved properly.

USADA Organic certification is also used to distinguish coffee as being organic and protective of the environment. This coffee will be made without the use of pesticides, sanitizers or any other chemicals or substances that might negatively alter anything in the area. This even works with sanitary standards that relate to keeping all items handled individually without any past storage items being used when shipping and transporting beans that have been harvested.

Bird-Friendly Certification is used as well. It is used by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center to state that the coffee grown in an area was supported with shade-grown procedures used to support the protection of migratory birds. This includes the use of canopy trees to not only provide habitats for birds but to also create appropriate shades that are useful for getting coffee beans to grow on their own. This is also used to improve the air quality in a space by helping to remove contaminants from the air in spaces where coffee beans are growing.

These are all valuable certifications that can be used when taking a look at what is available when getting coffee in any form. A series of coffee certifications can be found for all sorts of needs relating to what a person wants to get out of it.

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