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Coffee Beverages

Coffee is classified according to the beans used for it, as it goes through different types of roasting methods. Three of the most commonly used coffee beans worldwide are Arabica, Robusta and Kona. The different drinks made from these coffee beans, on the other hand, are the following:


This is considered as the strongest form of coffee where the beans are ground and mixed with hot water using a pressure pipe. Espresso is served black in a small cup with a quantity that is almost the same to a shot glass.


This is a stronger style of coffee given its reduced milk content. It simply consists of one shot of espresso with a teaspoon of foamed milk on top which respresents the macchiato or “mark/stain” in Italian. This is not to be confused with Latte Macchiato


coffee drinks

coffee drinks

This is a good option for individuals looking for a coffee that is not too strong or too weak. Cappuccino is a mixture of espresso, steamed milk and milk froth, cinnamon sprinkles can also added on top of it for more flavor.


Latte is a blend of a shot of espresso with steamed milk.


Black coffee is served with steaming water that can be sweetened by adding honey or sugar into it. The amount of calories contained in black coffee is lesser compared to white coffee or coffee with milk.


A Mocha comprises of a shot of espresso and hot milk like the cafe latte, however it is mixed with a small amount of cocoa powder and/or chocolate syrup.

Irish Coffee

A bit of whiskey is added into this type of coffee beverage with sugar and whipped cream.

Iced Coffee

There are various types of frozen coffee drinks available and the easiest to prepare is a mixture of coffee, chilled milk, sugar and cocoa powder.

Types of Roasts

Coffee is also categorized according to the type of roast which includes the following:


This is considered as the most common roasting form where the beans are moderately roasted until it gives out a flavor that is not too strong and not too weak.


Decaffeinated coffee beans are beans with extracted caffeine. This is actually great for individuals who do not want to add caffeine into their system.

French Roast

This form of roasting puts beans in heavy roasting procedure until the beans look like dark chocolate.

Coffee Flavors

Coffees can also be served in different flavors and this is great for individuals who want to add variety to their favorite beverage. Some of the most common coffee flavors are caramel, butter rum, cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, macadamia nut, coconut, banana, caramel pecan, apricot cream, mint mocha and English toffee.

With all these flavors and all the different types of coffee beverages you can choose from, it is worth experimenting with different varieties of your favorite drink. Knowing the different types of beverages and the right recipes for it can help you prepare your own drink at home. That means you do not have to visit a coffee shop every so often just to have a sip of your favorite drink. With a coffee machine, you can easily prepare the coffee beverage of your choice right at the comfort of your own home. Please see our Coffee Machines section for a list of our recommended at home coffee makers

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