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Popular Coffee Cocktails

In households across the globe, every morning people grope for the first cup of coffee, just as they climb bleary-eyed from their beds. Whether it is brewed at home or snagged from a barista, coffee is one of the necessities for millions of people. But, with a little booze add to the mix, your cup of coffee can turn into a luxury treat. Yes! I mean the Coffee Cocktails! There’s a variety of coffee cocktails available, starting from the Hot Classic Irish coffee to the Cold Dessert-like Café Brasileiro. Well, of course, they are not the best suited for early morning, but fits nicely with dinner. Here’s a description of the most popular coffee cocktails that you can save for a relaxing time…

Hot Coffee Cocktails….

Irish coffee:

Irish coffee with the caramel-tinged sweetness of Irish whiskey, is really the most satisfying cocktail combination that suits any day. A hot cup of coffee, with a part of whisky and sugar, topped with freshly whipped cream can be the perfect drink in your dinner.

Mexican Coffee:

Love Tequila? Then, why not have Mexican coffee? Mix strong coffee liquor with tequila and serve it with a topping of freshly whipped cream.

Spanish Coffee:

Not fond of Whisky or Tequila? How about Brandy? Spanish Coffee, a mixture of hot coffee liquor and brandy rimmed with sugar and topped with a dollop of whipped cream provides you with a continental savor.

Jamaican Coffee:

Now, why not try Rum? A blend of strong coffee liquor with rum and brandy and added sugar, served by igniting the alcohols, can just be the best for anybody.

Cold Coffee Cocktails….

Enough of Hot Coffee! Now, let’s taste the blend of coffee liqueur and alcohols with crushed ice! To start with:

Amaretto Iced Coffee:

Do you want a special drink to serve your friends? Then try the Amaretto Iced Coffee! Blend cold coffee with milk, vanilla ice cream and amaretto. If needed add a few drops of vanilla essence and almond extract for flavor. And now serve this cold coffee cocktail with crushed ice. I bet, your friends will ask for more!


The most popular type of cold coffee cocktail that is loved by millions of coffee lovers is Mudslide. Mix coffee liquor with vodka and Irish cream for the basic drink. Blend vanilla ice cream with this just before serving to add zest to the drink.

Cafe Brasileiro:

An indulgent concoction with strong coffee liqueur as the base and added vanilla, heavy cream, chocolate liqueur, simple syrup, Brazilian Cachaca, is tailor-made to go well with a cold-weather meal. This coffee cocktail, when served perfectly can be the best, and even if not, still taste great.

Wine Coffee Froth

It’s actually an unusual coffee cocktail that is loved by wine lovers. Mix muscatel wine with cold coffee liqueur and added sugar in a chilled glass. The sweet wine in this drink makes it a perfect dessert when topped with whipped cream to have after dinner.

That’s not all! There are many more in the list of popular coffee cocktails. But, these are the few that can make your day great. Regardless of the cocktail you choose, the blend of coffee is going to make the drink amazing for anybody. And obviously, when it comes to alcohol with coffee, it’s going to be a firestarter!

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