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Coffee Flavors

Coffee beans are made unique by their contrasting flavors, scent, body and acidity. Body simply means the coffees physical texture in the mouth, from the initial time it rests on your taste-buds to swallowing and then the aftertaste. Coffee acidity refers to dry taste that gives flavor or brightness to a coffee. It doesn’t refer to acid content – coffee actually has lower acidic levels than beer or fruit juice.

Want to sound like a true connoisseur? Here is a list of adjectives to describe the four common coffee attributes:


Full of bravado, smooth, not overwhelming, medium, clear, exciting, punchy, not extreme.drinking coffee


Big and well rounded, full, elegant, creamy, delicate, silky, gains into the aftertaste, clean, sticky on the palate, like syrup, well balanced, long finish, buttery.


macadamia nut, peanuts, floral, tobacco, milk chocolate, raisins, blackcurrant, cherries, citrus rind, banana, subtle, cocoa, malt, earthy, black-tea, sweet toffee, caramel, peppery, dried figs, olive oil, cinnamon.


smoked wood, mahogany, dry cut hay, aniseed, sweet pine, fruit cake, roasted hazelnut.

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