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Coffee Shop Culture

As soon as we get out of bed, before we can be productive, answer any questions, or think clearly, we reach for that first cup of coffee. It has been this way for years. The initial pick me up caffeine gives us is enough to lift the sleep fog and allow us to go on with our day full of energy and focus. It is a delicious habit that very few are willing to give up. Recently, however, it seems that having a cup of coffee in your hand has become more of a fashion statement than anything else. From the familiar Starbucks logo to the hip, lesser known coffee house scene, the nostalgic picture of Grandma and Grandpa enjoying a cup of Folgers has become a thing of the past.

The truth is, coffee is no longer subject to cream and sugar. We now have options a mile long, with types of drinks that have people unfamiliar with them tongue tied. The longer it takes to recite your particular coffee order, the more of an expert you are. The problem is, how much of what we spend an arm and a leg on every morning is actually worth it? Coffee culture has taken over Americans, from lattes to cappuccinos, macchiatos to cafe mochas, we are passionate about our coffee.

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While the popular brands such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Seattle’s Best continue to hold their own and are the go to for the average coffee drinker, there is still the lesser known, privately owned coffee shops that seem to rule the coffee community.

Popping up around colleges and the down towns of every city, these quaint shops have something that most of the bigger names do not, and that is a true passion for good coffee, without the need to be the next Starbucks. Owners of these shops set out to feed the ever growing need for quality coffee, and while it is more convenient to run into the local store, grab a coffee energy drink or drive thru a fast food establishment to get a fix, most will agree that nothing beats a cup from one of the underground coffee leaders.

So, where will we go from here? It seems like we have reached the cap of the variety of drinks we can order, and the flavors we can put into them. That being said, there is no doubt that as the demand for a good cup of coffee grows, so will the quality that shops are offering. At the end of the day, however, sometimes the best cup of coffee is the one that is made right in your own home, made just for you.

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