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Coffee Trends

Statistics indicate that US citizens consume roughly 25% of the coffee in the world market. Also 65% of consumers take coffee in the breakfast hours and of these, 35% prefer black coffee. At the moment, annual imports into the USA are now in excess of $4 billion dollars and the growing demand gives well-established franchises such as Starbucks and Folgers the impetus to expand.

In examining coffee trends in the USA, you should appreciate the fact that coffee is not only a favorite drink for many Americans, but the most consumed beverage. According to the National Coffee Association, many consumers consider coffee an integral part of their lives. Majority of consumers also prefer to brew their coffee at home, while other drinkers get the daily fix in the workplace and in coffee shops. And more than ever before, public confidence in the health benefits of coffee is at its beans

In 2007, the National Coffee Drinking Trends revealed that, for the first time in modern history, daily consumption of coffee had surpassed that of soft drinks. Right about that time, 7% of adults consumed gourmet coffee on a daily basis. The upswing was attributed to the increased intake of coffee among adults aged between 25-59 years who accounted for 19% of gourmet coffee drinkers. In the years following 2008, average consumption of coffee rose drastically. Adults aged between 18-24 years of age consumed an average of 3.2 cups of coffee per day which was a remarkable increase from 2.5 in 2005.

Just like in other sectors, the economic crunch and rising prices had a significant impact on coffee trends throughout the country. Although the National Coffee Association hasn’t provided conclusive figures, increasing coffee prices seems to have driven consumers towards home coffee consumption. Even so, metropolitan cities such as San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Portland have set the pace for coffee consumption and trends. Increased consumer appetite for quality espresso made from roasted blends among youthful drinkers continues to spur intake. And while some cities had serious coffee café troubles, the supply of fresh and seasonal coffee remain steady.

The National Coffee Association projects increased consumption of coffee. More and more consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the different coffee varieties and brands in the market. But more than anything, consumers are showing an increasing appetite for high quality coffee. Though ordinary coffee accounts for a greater percentage of sales, flavored coffee such as vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate accounts for 20-30% of coffee sales in the USA.

Gourmet coffee is the major highlight of coffee trends as far as the standard of coffee quality in the brewing industry in the USA is concerned. Although it is still a hot trend, consumers are moving towards single origin coffee. In their quest to satisfy consumer needs and expectations, roasters are now focusing on different taste profiles and value addition. Just like in the wine industry, coffee blending is now paving the way for unique and great tasting coffee.

More and more consumers are also taking interest in the coffee roasting process and the health benefits associated with this type of coffee. Perhaps, this comes from the realization that freshly roasted coffee is the secret behind a perfect cup of coffee. This trend has inspired coffee roasters to deliver freshly roasted high quality grounded coffee on site. So, it’s not unusual to see customers ordering a coffee drink made from freshly roasted coffee or packed take away for home brews.

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