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Here is a basic idea of how to operate a commercial espresso machine

There are different types of commercial coffee espresso machines, but most of the commercial coffee machines that have been created make use of steam in order to be able to produce a number of coffee drinks including shots, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso and many others.

Cafes and restaurants have their own commercial espresso machines, and the staff has to understand how to extract from a commercial coffee machine in order to avoid destroying the machine, and to avoid giving a less satisfying coffee experience to clients.

Espresso machine making  strong coffee in shot glass

Espresso machine making strong coffee in shot glass

Here is a basic guide on how to operate some of the most common commercial coffee machines:

For espresso machines the first thing to do is to remove the portafilter from the group head, and then to drop the ground coffee inside the portafilter. After this, make sure to tamp twice to make sure that the grounds are well packed. Make sure that the portafilter is then placed back in the group head, and then turn it until it is tight. The next step is to turn the hot water knob slightly, and then for a few seconds to make sure that the water is already warm, and then turn the hot water knob in full mode again.The last step for the espresso coffee machine is to wait for about 40 seconds, until the shot has been poured, or until the espresso begins to look pale, and then finally to shut the water off.

Process of Making Lattes:

Latte is a well-loved type of commercial coffee, in order to do this, you need to prepare a shot of espresso first using the first method as shown above, and then to pour milk into the pitcher half full. The next step is to place the steam wand inside of the pitcher, make sure that the steam wand is sitting at a 45 degree angle, to the surface of the milk, with the end of the wand just off the center. Then turn on the steam to the wand and make sure that there is enough steam. This will ensure that the milk will begin to circulate around the pitcher, just make sure that the milk will not make a hissing sound. The milk needs to be steamed, so that it will circulate around the pitcher, using a regular whirlpool pattern, and will gradually climb on the side of the pitcher. After that, stop steaming the milk, then tap the pitcher so that the milk will settle, and then put the milk over the espresso in order to create the latte.

cappuccino foam with smiley face

Coffee cappuccino with foam or chocolate smiling welcome happy face in restaurant or hotel

Process of making Cappuccinos:

In order to make a cappuccino in a commercial coffee machine, you essentially need to make a latte first, then after that, continue steaming until the milk is solid. Afterwards pour the espresso shot, and then tap the pitcher on a counter while the shot is being poured. The next step is to notice the air rising to the top of the foam, when this happens stop tapping when the pitcher makes the hollow sound, and then pour the foamed milk over the espresso shot in order to create the cappuccino.

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