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In the News: Is Your Coffee Tasting More Bitter Than Usual Lately?

bitter coffee

Coffee Bitter?

If you’ve answered “YES” to this question, sadly you’re not alone. Reuters has recently reported that a large number of America’s major coffee chains and brands have been secretly reducing the quality of their blends by replacing more of the richer tasting Arabica coffee beans with their more bitter tasting cousin; the Robusta bean.
It has all to do with the price divergence between the two beans varieties. But here’s the catch:

“When you get right down to it, if there’s more Robusta in our coffee but people still find it drinkable, and the coffee’s getting a bit cheaper in consequence, where’s the harm?

Coffee lovers recognize that there is an enormous distinction between “drinkable” and enjoyable! Don’t be fooled, if your usual blend doesn’t quite taste the same, it might be time to change.(Daily Finance)

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