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Top 5 Barista Mistakes

People are normally forgiven for so many different kinds of things. However, there are a few things that must be done right the first time since there is very little room for forgiveness in some areas. One of which is that first cup of coffee, early in the A.M. This is one of the main reasons why business owners should not underestimate the need for the best barista training. Listed below are five mistakes that can be avoided with the proper training.

Weak or Cold Coffee

One of the best ways to lose a customer is to serve coffee cold or too weak. While there are some versions of cold coffee on the market, people who ask for a hot cup of coffee a special way do not want their coffee lukewarm or cold. In fact, some people like their coffee steaming hot even if it may burn their mouth or tongue a little. In these situations, some people simply like to sip their coffee until there is no more in the cup.

Wrong Type of Milk

All milk will taste the same in a cup of hot brewed coffee. Although this may sound feasible to some people, this is far from true for many since they can tell the difference between whole milk, skim milk, soy milk and the like. So, it is important for each barista to understand that the type served will make the difference between a cup that they enjoy and a cup that may offend the individual’s taste buds or diet.

Serving Good Coffee with a Bad Attitude

Some people may associate their coffee with a relaxing time, while they prepare themselves for a lengthy day on the job. Consequently, no one likes to encounter a barista who has a bad attitude, especially in their earliest part of the day. As a result, it is extremely important for baristas to check their bad attitude at the door before they start greeting customers.

Overheated Milk

Making a cup of coffee does require a certain amount of skill to get it right the first time. While some people prefer their coffee black, others may prefer their cup of coffee with milk and other kinds of additives. So, it is important for the barista to take special care with the milk so that it will not be overheated. When the milk is over heated, it can overwhelm the flavor of the coffee and certainly upset the customer.

Dirty Machines

When the coffee machines are not cleaned properly the coffee drinker may experience a diversity of things including having a very bitter and unpleasant taste in their mouth. This unpleasant taste may be from oily junk that builds up in the equipment because it has not been cleaned for an extended period of time. In fact, most training courses will tell their baristas to clean the equipment multiple times a day.

Just remember, customers are very easy to upset, but very difficult to win back.

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